CHG-MERIDIAN - Plus de 30 ans d’histoire

Depuis sa création, CHG-MERIDIAN a connu une croissance continue dans un secteur où les exigences sont sans cesse renouvelées.

L’entreprise doit sa position de premier plan mondial en matière de gestion d’actifs technologiques notamment à sa force d’innovation.

Notre but affiché est de maintenir le cap et de continuer à proposer à l’avenir des solutions flexibles, conformes aux attentes et aux besoins de nos clients.

Plus de 30 ans d’histoire - l’occasion de faire une rétrospective des grands succès de l’entreprise.

Computer‑Handels‑Gesellschaft (CHG) – the early days

The idea of getting into the computer sales market came to Jürgen Gelf in the mid-1970s. While trying to source a new mainframe computer for his employer, he stumbled across the organized resale market for this equipment...

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CHG, the family firm

The CHG story began in the laundry room of the Gelf household, where Jürgen Gelf would go after he came home from work to make telephone calls and send telexes. He dictated contracts to his wife and she typed up her shorthand notes the next day on an IBM...

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Computers become the norm

When Jürgen Gelf set up his own company at the end of the 1970s, computers had already begun to make inroads into many workplaces. They were mostly permanently installed systems: computing and storage units with cooling...

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Start of the expansion strategy

1992 was a year of major change for CHG Computer Leasing- und Handelsgesellschaft mbH. The company founder Jürgen Gelf began to step back from his leading role, handing over the reins to Jürgen Mossakowski. An auditor by profession...

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